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“Naples area commercial property capitalization rates usually reflect an expectation of equity growth higher than the national average, rental rates increasing faster than national averages, and excess capital chasing a shortage of good real estate. Consequently, for a given property type local capitalization rates are often marginally lower than the national average. National cap rates [...]

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Ongoing Obamacare

Ongoing Obamacare The inability of Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare with the AHCA via the relatively easy reconciliation process bodes poorly for tax reform. This is because the $337 billion in savings over the next decade from gutting Obamacare, was key to "paying for" a substantial reduction in tax rates without dramatically raising the [...]

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Delightful Data

Delightful Data   Today's weekly first-time unemployment claims data came in at a staggeringly low level of 235,000, the lowest weekly level since 11/24/73. The data has been strong for years and suggests very few layoffs. Additionally, October housing starts were very good! While YTD starts are up 5.9%, all important single-family starts are up [...]

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Gloomy Growth

Gloomy Growth   GDP growth remains weak a decade after the start of the Great Recession. It's not because the recession was caused by a financial meltdown, but because labor force growth is weak due to slowing population growth, educational attainment is plateauing, and corporate spending is feeble. Combined, these negative influences will keep GDP [...]

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