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Returning Reasonableness

Returning Reasonableness   After a decade of weak inflation, suddenly synchronized global growth, the fastest US wage increase since 6/09, and fiscal stimulus from the GOP tax cut have convinced investors it will become pervasive. This, they fear, will cause the Fed to raise rates more rapidly than expected and is what precipitated the steep decline [...]

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Fewer Firms

Fewer Firms   In 2017, 1.2 million houses were started. While that's double the number of starts in 2009, the worst year on record, it's still 400,000 starts below what's needed based on population, job growth, and teardowns. This means we're currently underbuilt by 4,500,000 units, with the gap widening, albeit more slowly now than [...]

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Deed Deductions

Dead Deductions  While the final draft of the Republican tax-code rewrite improves its treatment of housing, the gains are superficial. This is because the standard deduction is being doubled, making itemizing largely irrelevant. And, while state and local income taxes will remain deductible, the deduction is capped at $10,000 including property taxes! Therefore, in areas [...]

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Halting Housing

Halting Housing   While housing starts in October rose 13.7% compared to September, they remain 2.9% below the level of 10/16, and are up just 5.8% YTD. Technically, it's because multifamily activity is down roughly 10% YTD. That's because multifamily activity has returned to its pre-recession level of roughly 400,000 units/year and is very volatile [...]

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Check this out!

“Naples area commercial property capitalization rates usually reflect an expectation of equity growth higher than the national average, rental rates increasing faster than national averages, and excess capital chasing a shortage of good real estate. Consequently, for a given property type local capitalization rates are often marginally lower than the national average. National cap rates [...]

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Ongoing Obamacare

Ongoing Obamacare The inability of Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare with the AHCA via the relatively easy reconciliation process bodes poorly for tax reform. This is because the $337 billion in savings over the next decade from gutting Obamacare, was key to "paying for" a substantial reduction in tax rates without dramatically raising the [...]

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